Antibodies to O-Fucose

Numerous human pathogens possess an enzyme that transfers a single 6-deoxy-L-galactose (Fucose, or Fuc) to serine (Ser) and threonine (Thr) residues, i.e., O-fucosyltransferase (OFT).   OFT appears to function in the same manner as the human O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT).  This single Fuc modification looks to be present on hundreds of nucleocytosolic proteins.  Furthermore, this modification is dynamic as the sites and extent of fucosylation are changed in response to environmental stimuli.  OFT appears to play a role in a variety of necessary biological functions, including, stress response associated with nutrient deprivation, metabolic regulation, signaling, and transcription.

At GlycoScientific we have developed pan antibodies against both serine and threonine fucosylated targets to aid in the important research of elucidating human pathogen biology.